Snowden likes us … and also blinkenlights

After the screening of CitizenFour at the Prague IETF there was a q&a with Edward Snowden during which we learned that he not only knows about cryptech but thinks it is a pretty good thing! The team is very happy and proud to to learn this. We are also happy about the good feedback we’re getting from our recent hackathon, like this blogpost from George Michaelson.

Update: According to this blogpost from ISOC covering the same event, we were described as “awsome”.

First dnssec zone signed

Last night in Prague we conducted the first successful “full-up” test: a novena with the cryptech debian packages was successfully used to sign a dns zone using OpenDNSSEC. There are still a bunch of caveats and the project is by no means done but this represents an important milestone for the project. If you have a novena board you can take a look at the instructions for reproducing this test in the cryptech wiki.

Praha open cryptech hackday

The CrypTech team will hold an open hacking workshop in Praha on Saturday 18th of July right before the IETF meeting. This is a great opportunity to become acquainted with the CrypTech software platform using the novena development boards. There will be a limited number of novenas available to play with during the workshop (but we can’t send you home with one unfortunately). We will focus on DNSSEC signing as a use-case.

The workshop will start at 9 AM at the Praha Hilton (the IETF conference site) in the Istambul Room. A draft agenda is here: