Contributing to the CrypTech Project

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Thank you for considering a donation to the CrypTech project. The following memo provides information about the administrative and financial governance for CrypTech as well as financial details for prospective project donors.

About CrypTech

Recent revelations have called into question the integrity of some of the implementations of basic cryptographic functions and devices used to secure communications on the Internet. In particular, there are serious questions about the implementation of cryptographic algorithms in hardware.

We are therefore embarking on development of an open-source hardware cryptographic engine that meets the needs of high assurance Internet infrastructure systems that use cryptography. The open-source hardware cryptographic engine must be of general use to the broad Internet community, covering needs such as secure email, web, DNS, PKIs, etc.

The project solicits functional requirements from a wide range of organizations. It will focus on the classic low level cryptographic functions and primitives, and not get drawn into re-implementation of application protocol layers.

It is hoped that a group of interested organizations will offer funding for development, and that the IACR and public sector cryptographers will provide algorithmic advice and wide and open review.

The intent is that the resulting open-source hardware cryptographic engine can be built by anyone from public hardware specifications and open-source firmware. Anyone can then operate it without fees of any kind.

Project Finances

Cryptech is an active programme of The Commons Conservancy, a pro bono legal umbrella established in 2016 in Amsterdam to promote and support technology commons, and with the mission to enable human innovation at the widest possible scale. The Commons Conservancy is a “stichting” according to Netherlands law, and acts as the moral and legal steward of all intangible assets of Cryptech as well as a number of other programmes such as FileSender, Let’s Connect and IdentityPython; the foundation is statutorily and irrevocably barred from any financial involvement with any of the programmes.

Cryptech finances are professionally managed by NLnet Foundation, a recognised public benefit organisation (ANBI). NLnet’s history started in April 1982 with the announcement by Teus Hagen as chairman of a major initiative by the EUUG to develop and provide network services in Europe under the name EUnet. NLnet was one of the founders of AMS-ix (the oldest European internet exchange) and the .nl registry SIDN. Stichting NLnet is one of the oldest internet-related grantmaking organisations in the world, and operates a dedicated fund for Cryptech where you can easily donate to the programme.

The Cryptech programme also collaborates with Commons Caretakers BV, a not-for-profit company supporting sustainable development and maintenance of technology commons. Previously Cryptech was supported by NORDUnet A/S, the shared Research and Education network for the Nordic countries.

Donating to CrypTech

In order to ensure diversity of contributors, the project prefers to assign work packages and for that reason we prefer donations in the form of money. However, we appreciate contributions in any form, and fully funded development resources are always welcome.

Regular donations to CrypTech are used to fund work on the CrypTech work packages.

Donations can be made directly to the following account:

Account holder: Stitching NLnet
Account: NL30INGB0007228890
Currency: EUR

In addition to a donation directly to NLnet, you may also support the CrypTech project through the “Enhancing the Internet programme sponsored by the Internet Society. Contributions to this programme, designated by the donor for the CrypTech project, can be made by contacting Karen O’Donoghue at

Contacting CrypTech

General questions about the project can be sent to  Mailing lists are available for public subscription at

Donation letters can be sent in electronic form to  and should also include the sum and/or other resource donated along with a clear indication that the donation is for the CrypTech project.


The project is happy to list major contributors by logo and/or URL on the public project website but will not endorse products or services. Recognition by logo is optional, but because the project must be fully transparent your contribution will be listed on the public website of the project.