CrypTech 2019 End of Year Report Available

The CrypTech End-of-Year Report for 2019 is now available. Progress on the CrypTech project has slowed considerably due to a serious slow-down in funding. However, we were still able to implement several FPGA enhancements, which added up to a more than 10x improvement in RSA signing speed.

At the end of 2018, CrypTech wrapped up its time under the administrative umbrella of NorduNet and SUnet and moved to the Commons Conservancy/NLnet Foundation. 2019 was CrypTech’s first full year as part of the Common’s Conservancy.

Finally, although CrypTech’s first commercial user, Diamond Key Security, NFP, shipped prototypes in 2018 and was well on its way to completing a commercial offering, it was unable to get sufficient funding to ship a supported product and ended up closing its doors. Acquiring funding remains the critical issue for CrypTech to continue and advance.

There is a link to the report on the main CrypTech website page or you can find it here:

CrypTech End-of-year Report for 2019

Thanks once again to all our supporters for past support and continuing support. Information about contributing to CrypTech can be found at: