CrypTech 2018 Report Available Now!

The CrypTech End-of-Year Report for 2018 is now available. The CrypTech project continues to make excellent progress. In 2018 we completed the implementation of hash-based signatures, Ed25519 cores, and continued to make improvements to the performance of the device. In addition, we completed an external security audit, published the results, and implemented the corrections. Additionally, at the end of 2018, CrypTech transitioned its administrative activities from NorduNet/SUnet and moved to the Commons Conservancy/NLnet Foundation. CrypTech’s first commercial user, Diamond Key Security shipped its first prototype HSMs incorporating the CrypTech Alpha device.

There is a link to the report on the main CrypTech website page or you can find it here:

CrypTech End-of-year Report for 2018

Thanks once again to all our supporters for past support and continuing support.