CrypTech project Kickoff meeting

On this day (4-5 December 2013) the CrypTech project held its first face-to-face meeting in Stockholm at the SUNET and NORDUnet offices. The project will try to build a trusted open hardware crypto design and a prototype that demonstrates the design which can be used to secure core Internet infrastructure like DNSSEC, RPKI etc. The first 2 days of meetings focused on two big topics: architecture and entropy. Generating and managing entropy (for key generation) will clearly be a major undertaking for the project going forward. The architecture discussions landed in this diagram that we choose to call the CrypTech layer cake:

CrypTech layer cake

This diagram sets down some of the core design goals of the project: an FPGA core where sensitive and critical crypto functions will live, an interface cpu (or micro controller) running interface code talking to applications.